RIO-Net ADRC of the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Welcome to the Aging and Disability Resource Center. Our ADRC's serve as single points of entry into long term services and support systems for older adults, people with disabilities, caregivers, veterans and families.

No-wrong-door approach

Using the no-wrong-door approach, the resource center assists consumers in accessing a variety of services and benefit programs by being a single point of contact. Services can range from Medicare application assistance to locating accessible housing resources in the resident's community.

The ADRC inquires about a person's needs and then refers the appropriate organization to the consumer instead of referring the consumer to the appropriate organizations. This approach streamlines the process for people seeking information. It also prevents the consumer from retelling their story multiple times to discover what benefits will meet their entire needs. Instead, every person, who seeks the ADRC's assistance, shares their story once with the center before the center connects the best benefit resources or service options to the consumer.

The Rio-Net ADRC serves individuals in the Tri-county region:
Cameron, Hidalgo, and Willacy county.

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