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Heart Alphabet Match, Punch & Lace Cards

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These Heart Alphabet Match, Punch & Lace Cards are a fun way for persons with learning disabilities to practice identifying and matching lowercase and uppercase letters. Punching holes and lacing are good ways for kids to develop their fine motor skills. This packet includes two heart-shaped punch cards with all of the lowercase letters of the alphabet. One of the cards has the letters in order from a to z and the other card has the letters mixed-up. There are two additional cards with only 13 letters on each heart to differentiate this activity. Also included in this packet are 26 heart-shaped cards with all of the uppercase letters of the alphabet. All of the printables come in both color and black and white. Children will pick one of the heart-shaped cards and identify the uppercase letter, find the matching lowercase letter on the heart-shaped card, and punch the lowercase letter using a hole punch. After all of the lowercase letters have a hole through them, children can use a piece of yarn or shoelace and turn the punch card into a lacing card.


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Heart Alphabet Match, Punch & Lace Cards

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