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CVC Medial Sound Clip Cards

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These CVC Medial Sound Clip Cards are a hands-on way for children with learning disabilities to practice identifying the short vowel sound in the middle position of CVC words. This word work activity can be used for morning tubs, literacy centers, small groups, or as an enrichment activity. Having the children clip the clothespins to the cards will also help children develop their fine motor skills and hand muscle strength. These cards are appropriate for Kindergarten, and first and second grade. 

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  • CVC Medial Sounds Clip Cards With Picture
  • CVC Medial Sounds Clip Cards With Picture & Word
  • Each set includes 80 cards (16 cards for each of the 5 vowels)

The CVC words include:

  • Short a: fan, bat, map, hat, ham, rat, jam, mad, cat, bat, etc.
  • Short e: pen, web, net, bed, hen, vet, gem, jet, red, ten, etc.
  • Short i: kid, lip, bib, wig, six, mix, pig, zip, lid, fin, etc.
  • Short o: top, log, fox, pot, cob, mom, box, dog, rod, cop, etc.
  • Short u: gum, tub, sun, cup, tux, jug, nut, rug, cub, sub, etc.


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CVC Medial Sound Clip Cards

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