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Datahand Professional Ii Ergonomic Keyboard & Datahand Personal Edition

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The Datahand Professional II Ergonomic Keyboard and DataHand Personal Edition are modified keyboard systems designed to reduce or eliminate the discomfort associated with repetitive motion conditions such as Carpal tunnel syndrome, and to increase typing productivity. Both models consist of two separate keypads, one for each hand, that plug into most computers. Each hand rests on an ergonomically shaped and padded palm support. Five keys surround each fingertip and the thumbs. The keypads have every character and command found on conventional flat computer keyboards, and operate with standard computer hardware and software. The five-key finger modules orient keys in a manner similar to flat keyboards. The keys are placed logically and intuitively. Touch typists will already know where most of the keys are located. In Normal Mode, green indicator lights are on and the letters which are labeled in green on the display are available in this mode. In the NAP (Number and Punctuation) mode, yellow indicator lights are on, and numbers and punctuation marks labeled in yellow on the display can be used in this mode. The system is designed to also make better use of the thumbs. Downward pressure of the left thumb actuates the NAP mode; and harder pressure activates the NAP lock. Downward pressure of the right thumb actuates the Shift key; harder pressure activates the CAP lock. Both systems provide differential tactile feedback since each key is touched by a different part of the finger. Other features include ultra-low workload keys; grossly differentiated finger movement; constant view labels that display character and function labels in view; static hand location providing access to all keys without hand movement; total touch type ability; and relaxed hand support continuously supported by palm rests. The wrists are maintained in straight positioning both vertically and horizontally to reduce compression in the carpal tunnel. FINGERMOUSE: A mouse is designed into the system that requires only one-finger motion to activate cursor control up, down, left, or right. By pressing two adjacent keys at the same time, diagonal movement of the cursor is achieved. The FingerMouse provides vernier (two speed) mouse movement control by the index fingers. The DataHand Personal Edition comes with DataHand's LapLander, a portable lap desk. The DataHand Professional II Keyboard can also be mounted on the adjustable armrests of a Triton Office Chair (not included), and it features macro programmable and remappable keys. COMPATIBILITY: For use with IBM PC, XT, AT, System/2, and most compatible computers, Silicon Graphics and Sun Systems, 5 pin Mini Din and 6 pin Din keyboard connections, and all Apple Macintosh quad-plug computers. Windows, Unix, Linux, and OS/2 operating systems are also compatible. No extra hardware is required. OPTIONS: Palm pads, serial or PS/2 mouse, finger pads, keyboard splitter, mouse splitter, combination Dvorak-QWERTY keyboard layouts, extender cables, and other options are available. DIMENSIONS (HxWxL): Both models measure 2.63 x 18 x 9.63 inches. WEIGHT: Both models weigh 4.5 pounds. WARRANTY: The DataHand Personal Edition has a one-year parts and labor guarantee and three months of phone support. The DataHand Professional II has a two-year warranty and six months of phone support. An extended service plan is available.


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Datahand Professional Ii Ergonomic Keyboard & Datahand Personal Edition

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