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Mardi Gras Slime

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Mardi Gras Slime is a do it yourself art project for children with sensory processing disorder to offer visual, tactile, and proprioceptive sensory input.

Technical Specifications: 

Step One: Gather materials.

  • A 5-ounce bottle of Elmer’s clear school glue.
  • ½ cup of water.
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda.
  • 1 Tablespoon contact solution.
  • Grey acrylic paint.
  • Purple, Green and Gold confetti.
  • Mardi Gras beads for playing (optional).

Step Two: Pour the whole 5 ounce bottle of clear glue into a small mixing bowl.

Step Three: Add in ½ cup of warm water and stir.

Step Four: Mix in the baking soda.

Step Five: Drop in a few drops of grey acrylic paint. Stir. If the desired color isn’t achieved, the artist can add in another drop or two.

Step Six: Add 1 Tablespoon contact solution to the mixture. It will begin to form instantly. At this point, it will be quite sticky Continue to mix the contact solution in the bowl until it starts to pull away from the sides and form.

Step Seven: Knead the slime until it is no longer sticky.

Step Eight: Add the confetti and mix in.

Step Nine: Store the Mardi Gras slime in an airtight container.

Step Ten: Set this slime out with Mardi Gras beads. This will provide another element for sensory input in the play. The stretchy slime will contrast against the hard beads, offering a great tactile experience.

Step Eleven: Children will enjoy playing with this and watching the confetti mix in. The contrast of colors is striking.


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Mardi Gras Slime

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The Chaos and The Clutter
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The Chaos and The Clurtter is a website/blog administered by Sharla Kostelyk, a mother of 5, with children with special needs. She shares her experience with some homemade sensory products and with her life. She says...

I want you to find happiness in the chaos and the clutter. As a disorganized, creative, scattered, homeschooling mother of seven, including five with Special Needs, I spent years feeling like I wasn’t measuring up to the “perfect” moms I knew.

I would walk around my house, stepping over toys, crunching a dry Cheerio underfoot, passing by a pile of papers, and trying to ignore the mountain of laundry that seemed to grow by the second, and I would feel like a failure. I felt overwhelmed and stressed out and sometimes was grouchy with my kids as a result, only adding to my feelings of guilt.

I tried every organizational system in the book, but mastered none. I was letting the best years with my children slip away and was determined that if I could not change the state of the house, at least I could change my attitude.


At The Chaos and The Clutter, I share with you some of my small victories. I am real. I tell the truth about the imperfect parent that I am. I hope that this will be a place where people can be their true “mismatched socks because there weren’t any clean ones” selves!

My everyday life is never ordinary. Most days, I still feel like I am drowning in the busyness! I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I will share anything that has helped me, anything that hasn’t, and the humorous moments in between.

Another type of clutter that I am trying to get rid of is financial clutter. There is just no happiness to be found there! We are trying to climb out of debt and I will also share those tips I learn along the way.

I hope that you will join me in trying to find the blessings and the joy in among the chaos and the clutter!