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Inference Task Cards - Inferencing Reading Strategy

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The Inference Task Cards - Inferencing Reading Strategy is a set of 24 task cards for people with cognitive and communication disabilities in third grade through fifth to do inferencing practice. Each card features a short passage with a text-dependent question. Students will need to use clues within the text to infer their answers. hese cards can be used orally in small groups, or individually as a writing assignment at a literacy center. Another option is to use one card at a time with the entire class. Students can answer on notebook paper and track the cards they have completed on the included recording sheet. An answer key is included. Comes with an inference poster, a cover/label card, and a challenge card that can be used with any other card in the set to extend the activity.
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  • Directions and Suggestions
  • 24 Task Cards
  • Challenge Card
  • Student Answer Sheets
  • Answer Key
  • QA


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Inference Task Cards - Inferencing Reading Strategy

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