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Diy Talking Shampoo Or Conditioner Bottle

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---- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a do-it-yourself auditory alert for a shampoo or conditioner bottle for the elderly and/or individuals with visual impairments. The bottle plays an auditory message (e.g., "shampoo" or "conditioner") when the lid is opened. The message is intended to help someone differentiate or identify bath products when in the shower or bathing. Step 1: Record a message onto a recordable greeting card. Open and close the card to check that the message has been recorded satisfactorily. Step 2: Tear open the greeting card carefully to reveal the circuitry inside. Inside the card are a speaker, a circuit board, a switch, and the button that is pressed to record the message onto the card. The speaker is activated by opening the card. When the card is opened, the speaker turns on and plays the recorded message. Step 3: With scissors, cut the wires to the record button. The record button on the upper right is connected to the circuit board by two wires. Cut these wires as close to the circuit board as possible. Step 4: Trim excess card stock from around the circuit. The circuit board and speaker, as well as the plastic piece of the switch that activates the speaker when the card is opened should be glued to the card. With the scissors, cut away the excess card stock. DO NOT cut through the plastic piece of the switch that connects to the front flap of the card. Step 5: Wrap the remainder of the card and circuitry in a sheet of plastic wrap. Be sure to wrap it so that the hinge at the plastic switch can still fold over. The goal of wrapping the card in plastic wrap is to make it waterproof. One layer free of holes and securely wrapped should be all that is necessary. Step 6: Using the packing tape, securely tape the plastic-wrapped card to the back of the bottle. One layer of tape should do it. The more tape used, the less likely that the device can be used again on another bottle. Also, tape down the switch to the top of the bottle. When taped correctly, opening the lid of the bottle should activate the speaker. Find the right spot for the card on the bottle and lid before taping it down. If not positioned correctly, the speaker may not go off when the lid is opened. Step 7: When the lid of the shampoo bottle is opened, the speaker activates and speaks the message. It is recommended to test this in the shower to ensure that the speaker is loud enough to be heard over the spray of the shower head (if not taking a bath). In a few tests (3-4 showers), the card has proven to be waterproof. However, it is suggested that the shampoo/conditioner be stored out of the direct "line of fire" of the shower spray. TOOLS: Packing tape, A recordable greeting card (with or without music), Scissors, Plastic wrap (e.g. Saran wrap), Shampoo or Conditioner with a lid that pops up to open. SKILLS REQUIRED: Basic craft ability. AUTHOR: JenStar4V. TITLE: Talking Shampoo/Conditioner Bottle for the Elderly/Visually-Impaired. WEBSITE: Instructables. REF:


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Diy Talking Shampoo Or Conditioner Bottle