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One-Touch Dialing Cell Phone

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---- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a do-it-yourself one-touch dialing cell phone to be used by service dogs for individuals with disabilities. First step is to load a mobile phone number into the phone, set the ringer to silent, turn off one-touch answering, and turn on one-touch dialing or speed dial. Set the users mobile phone number into all the one-touch or speed dial so that any one of the number pads can be connected to the modified peg/cloths pin. Next open the cell phone and remove pieces until you can see the copper pad/circuit board this is where the wires will be soldered on. Cut and strip the wire so that two wires are uncovered then solder one wire to the inside and one wire to the outside of the pad assigned to your cell phone number. Hot glue can be used to secure the wires into the phone (be careful not to get on the pads). Then take the wooden peg/cloths pin apart. Take a small amount of aluminum tape and wrap it around the top of the peg. A fix one wire to each of the peg pieces using aluminum tape (easier to do the one part first then reattach the spring and do the second part). The peg/cloths pin is used to create a relay between the cell phone and the hobby box.

After modifying the old cell phone and making the simple peg modification the “peg” needs to be fixed to the bottom of the hobby box. The peg can be affixed using a hot glue gun but avoid getting hot glue on the middle silver contacts. Drill a hole for a piece of cord to go through making it just a bit smaller than the cord so the dog cannot pull it out of the peg/cloths pin. Next drill a hole for the 3.5 millimeter jack socket. Then solder the wires from the peg to the 3.5 millimeter jack socket and connect the 3.5 millimeter socket. The box is complete. Take apart the 3.5 millimeter mono or stereo plug. Connect one wire from the modified phone to the longest connector on the plug. Then solder the next wire to the middle pin contact. MATERIALS: Pack of pegs for the switch in the UK or clothes pins in the USA, old cell phone with one-touch or speed dialing (do not use a flip phone), cell phone opening kit, a tape measure or cell phone clip, hobby box, 3.5 millimeter mono plug or a 3.5 millimeter stereo plug (UK or USA), a 3.5 millimeter jack socket (UK or USA), a plastic box (used Small Narrow Box from Maplin electronics UK shipping only), aluminum tape, and speaker wire. TOOLS: Repair tool kit for cell phones, general tools, drill, wire cutter/stripper, and soldering iron. TITLE: Welcome to this page on how to allow a service dog to get help if there owner had a seizure and more by activating the one touch dial on a cell phone. WEBSITE: REF:


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