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Single Switch Remote Controlled Camera

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---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a single switch remotely controlled camera for an individual with cerebral palsy. A young man with cerebral palsy who had no use of his hands wished to independently operate a camera. Mounting the camera to the young man’s wheelchair was straightforward. The remote control cable for his camera required two switch actions, one to focus the camera and the other to simultaneously trigger the shutter. The young man currently used a switch array next to his head to control his wheelchair, leaving only one usable switch location. The camera was mounted to a crossbar which held the young man’s communication device by using a Bogen Magic Arm (see separate entry) designed for this purpose. The core issue was how to use a single switch to first close contacts “A” and “B” on a modified remote control and then, while keeping them closed, close contacts “B” and “C," followed by opening all the contacts. Fabricators used the Arudino programmable logic board to control the switches. Programming was done on a computer and then transferred to the Arduino via a USB cable. There were five steps to program the device: (1) establish a counter for the number of push button (switch) presses and set it to "0;" (2) monitor the state of the push button and increment the counter with each press; (3) if the counter reads "1," send an output voltage to the relay to energize a yellow LED; (4) if the counter reads "2," keep the previous conditions and also send an output voltage to a second relay to energize a green LED; (5) if the counter reads "3," deactivate the relays and the LEDs, and reset the counter. The relays were used to make and break the contacts between wires connected to the remote control cable. The LEDs were run to a location near the camera so the user could see the status of the contacts. A custom add-on to an existing switch mount was designed so that the camera switch could be readily positioned at the desired location and then easily removed. The programming aspect of the prototype was time consuming. The cost for this prototype was: Arduino Uno R2- $20; SainsSmart 2-channel relay module - $8; case and miscellaneous components - $20; AbleNet specs switch - $60; Manfrotoo Variable Friction Magic Arm and Super Clamp - $200. AUTHOR: Ray Grott. TITLE: Using a Single Switch to Remotely Control a Camera that Requires Two Switch Actions Via a Arduino Logic Board. JOURNAL: Accommodations, Computers, and Communication: Show and Tell – RESNA 2013. REF: The RET Project, San Francisco State University.


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Single Switch Remote Controlled Camera